Articles from April 2017


Dr. Vivek H. Murthy is out as U.S. Surgeon General after a surprise dismissal late last week. Murthy is a doctor that was educated at Yale and Harvard and was the founder of the nonprofit Doctors for Obama; he also served as a vice admiral in the Public Health Service Commissioned Corps. He served in the position since 2013, after narrowly being confirmed when former President Barack Obama nominated him to the position.

E-cig rules found to affect the products’ effectiveness

The latest research found that the effectiveness of vaping devices for smoking cessation, is greatly affected by the regulations imposed on the products.

Switching or quitting?

Because of the thousands of chemicals combined in tobacco smoke that boost nicotine into your blood, smoking is highly addictive. Some people say there’s no evidence that e-cigarettes help smokers quit. Others insist that they do. We think this is the wrong question to ask.

From smoking to vaping, switching will save you a fortune

For now vaping is much cheaper than smoking. Lots of smokers look at the price of an e-cigarette – usually starting at about £20 – and compare that to what a pack of cigarettes costs; then they carry on smoking. That’s understandable, but it’s also a costly mistake.

E-cigarettes are much safer than the tobacco kind

How many times have you read an article that claims e-cigs are as dangerous as smoking? A lot of journalists have repeated this, usually based on pretty shoddy science, and the signs are that a lot of people believe it – both in Britain and the USA less than half of smokers believe that vaping is safer than smoking, and this number is going down. The message that the new technology is at least as bad as burning tobacco is being received loud and clear.

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