The DON'Ts of Vaping

NEVER use damaged batteries - using a damaged battery will never end well. 

DON'T exceed the amps of your battery - understanding Ohms...read more

The DO's of Vaping

The DOs...

DO buy a quality vape - A high-quality vape is a good investment to make as it greatly reduces the risk of explosions which are common in cheaply made products.

DO research before selecting the right battery .... read more


Dr. Vivek H. Murthy is out as U.S. Surgeon General after a surprise dismissal late last week. Murthy is a doctor that was educated at Yale and Harvard and was the founder of the nonprofit Doctors for Obama; he also served as a vice admiral in the Public Health Service Commissioned Corps. He served in the position since 2013, after narrowly being confirmed when former President Barack Obama nominated him to the position.

E-cig rules found to affect the products’ effectiveness

The latest research found that the effectiveness of vaping devices for smoking cessation, is greatly affected by the regulations imposed on the products.

Switching or quitting?

Because of the thousands of chemicals combined in tobacco smoke that boost nicotine into your blood, smoking is highly addictive. Some people say there’s no evidence that e-cigarettes help smokers quit. Others insist that they do. We think this is the wrong question to ask.

From smoking to vaping, switching will save you a fortune

For now vaping is much cheaper than smoking. Lots of smokers look at the price of an e-cigarette – usually starting at about £20 – and compare that to what a pack of cigarettes costs; then they carry on smoking. That’s understandable, but it’s also a costly mistake.

E-cigarettes are much safer than the tobacco kind

How many times have you read an article that claims e-cigs are as dangerous as smoking? A lot of journalists have repeated this, usually based on pretty shoddy science, and the signs are that a lot of people believe it – both in Britain and the USA less than half of smokers believe that vaping is safer than smoking, and this number is going down. The message that the new technology is at least as bad as burning tobacco is being received loud and clear.

Vapists Rejoice! E-Cigs lower cancer risk  (if you stop smoking)

The first long-term, real-world study on carcinogens in e-cigarettes has found that they are significantly safer than smoking.

The study by UCL's tobacco research group found that smokers who switched to e-cigarettes had significantly lower levels of tobacco-specific nitrosamines (TSNAs), and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) released by smoking and associated with cancer.

Vapers & Vaping Research Findings

Research conducted by Neil McKeganey, Marina Barnard and Christopher Russell (on behalf of the Centre for Substance Use Research, Glasgow), indicates that young people who use electronic cigarettes do not succumb to a gateway effect. It also pours cold water on any notion that there is a renormalisation of tobacco cigarettes taking place.

The study, published in the Drugs: Education, Prevention and Policy journal, is titled “Vapers and vaping: E-cigarettes users views of vaping and smoking”. The process involved interviewing fifty vapers between the ages of 16 and 26. Twenty-eight were still current smokers, 19 had made the switch and classified themselves as ex-smokers, while 3 had taken up vaping but were never smokers.

Smoking is Dying!

Smoking rates have hit a new record low thanks to the advent of vaping. Just 17.2% of British adults now smoke, but that figure is even lower in England as it has been inflated by Scottish and Northern Irish figures. Even though Scotland has seen the fastest drop in smoking rates, it still holds the highest number of smokers (at 19.1% of the population).

According to The Guardian: “Half of the 2.3 million people who were users of e-cigarettes said they were doing it to quit smoking. A further 22% said they were vaping because it was less harmful than smoking. Only 10% said they chose to vape because it was cheaper than buying cigarettes.”

Low Risk of Passive Smoking

Two studies have been released looking at the issue of passive vaping. Californian public health “experts” would have you believe that not only is there a second-hand vape problem – but there’s also a third-hand one via surface residues. Here we present the latest evidence from Australia and Switzerland.

Australia has a de facto ban on vaping and, in Simon Chapman, possesses an “expert” to rival our own Martin McKee. The inverted commas are being used to signify a slight disbelief that anybody could consider them to be experts given the kind of things they come out with. So, to the first: a study carried out by the Health Risk Policy Unit in Sydney.

New Line Coming Soon!

HERBAL TIDES arriving soon at a store near you (Heanor & Derby) Offering you 52 flavours in both 10ml and 30ml with the BIG 60ml coming soon.

Smokers Who Switch to Vaping Dramatically Improve Cardiovascular

It’s no secret that smoking is bad for your heart. In fact, smokers are twice as likely to suffer heart attacks and they face increased risks for strokes and coronary heart disease. Research shows that smoking can actually damage the lining of your arteries, reduce the amount of oxygen in your blood, and force your heart to work harder just to maintain normal function. So what happens if you switch from smoking to vaping? According to the latest research, it can dramatically improve your cardiovascular health.

Canada Clears The Air Around E-Cigs

“There is no evidence of any gateway effect whereby youth who experiment with vapour devices are, as a result, more likely to take up tobacco use." Says Canada's University of Victoria.

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