The DO's of Vaping

The DO's of Vaping

The DOs...

DO buy a quality vape - A high-quality vape is a good investment to make as it greatly reduces the risk of explosions which are common in cheaply made products.

DO research before selecting the right battery - if you’ve purchased a vaporizer that doesn’t come with a built-in battery, you’ll need to choose your own. Most standalone vape mods are 'battery not included', and so buying high quality rechargeable 18650 batteries for them from reputable brands is crucial.

DO buy a quality smart charger - explosions can occur due to overcharging or discharging of batteries. A smart charger offers more safety features than a regular charger.

DO use a battery case for transportation - it’s crucial to always carry your extra batteries in a case and not to leave them loose in your bag or pockets. If batteries come into contact with metal objects such as coins or keys, a hazardous explosion can occur as the interaction can complete a circuit between a positive and a negative.

DO be aware of the weather - Fluctuating temperatures, either extremely hot or extremely cold can damage your device’s battery which could lead to explosions. Batteries are generally safest between 50 and 115 degrees Fahrenheit.

DO use the correct charging cable - Using a different cable to what your device came with can cause problems because the charger you are using may have a higher voltage than your battery which will cause your device to overheat.

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